A wedding is an event that takes a ridiculous amount of planning. Your wedding takes at least a year if not longer to plan all for just a few hours of celebration. If there is anything to be learned from this, it is that you need to have your wedding planned perfectly in order for it to go smoothly and simply. But not all aspects of your wedding are as crucial, with some being paramount and others less so. Here are three aspects of your wedding that you need to plan right for a successful wedding day.

The Schedule

The first aspect of your wedding that you need to plan right is the schedule of the day. Your wedding day is going to involve a full schedule of hair, make-up, photos, then the actual event, more photos, the cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. Keeping things moving quickly, timely, and making sure that nothing takes too long is essential. Working with a wedding planner can be useful as they have years of experience with weddings and can make sure that your schedule is going to leave you with enough time to take care of what you need to do on your special day.

The Venue

Another crucial aspect of your wedding that you need to plan right is the venue. Your venue is perhaps the single most important aspect of your wedding for your overall experience, and choosing the right venue is hard. Picking your wedding venue isn’t always the easiest decision to make but finding the perfect spot can make a huge difference. Indoors versus outdoors is one of the largest questions you can tackle, as well as where you want the wedding to be held, locally or at a destination. Deciding these questions can make venue choice a bit simpler.


The final aspect of your wedding that you need to plan right for it to be a success is the catering. Your guests get one great thing from your wedding night and that is a meal and some drinks. You should do everything in your power to repay your guests for their gifts and attendance with high quality and delicious food as a show of thanks and to keep everyone in good spirits and happy.

Your wedding only gets one chance. Planning everything perfectly is essential to make sure that it goes smoothly and without any troubles. Focus on planning these three aspects of your wedding and everything else will start to fall into place.

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