The best office parties allow you and your office mates to unwind, to have some fun and do some team building. They also give you an opportunity to exercise some of your creative party-planning skills. If you have an office party coming up soon, here are some cool party themes to consider.

Viva Las Vegas

One of the fun things about a Viva Las Vegas office party is that almost anything goes, including copious amounts of gambling and drinks with little cocktail umbrellas. This theme is great if your office as a whole loves to play games because games are a big part of this theme. Poker, roulette, and Kino are just a few of the games you can play. Additionally, some of these activities give you the opportunity to bring variety to your gaming tables. Here’s an example. There are several variations of poker that you can play at your Vegas themed company party. Finally, remember to play for chips and not money to keep things on the up and up.

Roaring 20s

The Roaring 20s was made up of jazz clubs, the Charleston, flappers, and Prohibition, as well as the bootleggers who defied Prohibition. As such, this theme holds a lot of potential in terms of party activities, food, costumes, and entertainment. To help your office mates preserve memories of the fun, you can even hire the local photo booth operator to come. People can take pictures of themselves in costume and with all manner of 20s-themed props.

Hawaiian Luau

Hawaiian luaus are all about fun in the sand, excellent pig roasts and hula dancing (if you’re brave enough). Decorate the party site with palm leaves, tiki torches, seashells, and exotic flower arrangements. Have contests for the best Hawaiian shirt or prettiest lei necklaces. It’s also important to include lots of different kinds of food. Granted, most luaus include a roasted pig, but if that’s not possible, you can do pulled pork sandwiches, plates of Hawaiian fruits and other popular Hawaiian cuisines.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms bring out the Sherlock in everyone, and these one-hour retreats have been used as activities for bridal showers, couples nights and office parties. One of the reasons why these activities are so cool is because they allow people to develop their team-building skills in a fun way. They also allow people to indulge in some of their favorite fantasy worlds, like the world of The Matrix or Harry Potter. While dinner isn’t usually included in a standard escape room play package, you can add the food element to your party by having a catering company bring food back to the office. People can meet up once their escape room adventure is done.

Movies on the Lawn

If your company has beautiful grounds, then take advantage of your surroundings by having a night of movies on the lawn once the warm weather hits. You can buy projectors that allow you to play standard DVDs. A back wall or a giant inflatable screen becomes your movie screen. Serve movie snacks, like soda, popcorn, and candy. Choosing family-friendly movies allows you to open the party up to your office mates’ kids, too.

Office parties remind everyone in your office to let their hair down a bit and to have fun. They also allow people to indulge some of their creative energies: Making costumes, props, and delicious food are just some of the ways people can bring creativity to this activity. Finally, it’s good to remember that office parties are celebrations. Hold them during the holidays, for someone’s retirement or to celebrate meeting a big company goal.

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