Weddings are the grandest parties around, and planning them can be both stressful and exhilarating. This is especially true if you’re a first-time wedding planner. While wedding planning may be a big undertaking, it can also be a pleasure and far more simple than it seems if you keep the following three principles in mind.

Budgeting Strategies

Most people don’t have a million dollars in their wedding-party budget, and a good number of these same people don’t know where to cut items out of their budget. However, the successful party budget isn’t so much about doing without food or entertainment, but rather doing other things instead. For example, instead of hiring a band, you could get a playlist from Spotify and play the music on a sound system. Then you could have enough in your budget to go ahead and splurge on a photo booth.

You’ll Need More Space Than You Think

Speaking of photo booths, many of your more significant items, like a stage for a singer, a photo booth or even the food area, take up more space than you realize. Slip and fall accidents are very serious, so you should be on the lookout for potential tripping hazards. Tripping hazards include things like electrical cords, food that has fallen on the floor or errant photo booth props. As you’re setting up, be mindful of the fact that you may need more room for the photo booth or the buffet. Make sure that you plan for walking and storage space around bigger items.

Get a Co-host

Planning a party by yourself, especially a wedding party, can overwhelm you. If it’s possible, try to get someone to co-host the event with you. Doing this allows you to split up tasks. One of you can take care of getting the food and drinks organized. The other can work with the venue for setup, rehearsals and the like. You and your co-host can share an online calendar so that everyone can see what’s due and when. This makes communication easier and ensures that fewer things are forgotten.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of forethought. It also requires you to take care of a lot of tasks in a short amount of time. As with any big production, it comes with its own set of hazards. The three suggestions on this list are designed to keep wedding-planning headaches to a minimum. They allow you to plan a safe and fun party without going over budget and stressing yourself out from overwork.