When planning an event, whether intimate or grandiose, one of your first considerations should be adult beverages. Will you include them? How much will you purchase? Who’s going to serve them? Where will you place the bar? Adding alcoholic drinks to your event will no doubt spice things up, but the addition of such beverages can raise more than a few questions. To help answer those questions, and to make your event as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, consider hiring a professional mixologist. How can a mobile bartender help take the stress of drink planning off your shoulders? Read on to find out.

It Takes Your Event to the Next Level

You’ll no doubt be serving up some appetizers or even a full meal at your event, so why not add drinks to the mix? Hiring a mobile bartender makes your event appear more polished. Rather than a disorganized, mix-it-yourself bar strewn with half-full bottles and oh-so-classy Solo cups, a mobile bartender keeps the entire process streamlined and organized, according to Thumbtack. Plus, adult beverages help liven the mood at just about any event! Adding cocktails, craft beers, wine, and champagne can help attendees relax, socialize, and enjoy the company. After all, you don’t want a party full of subdued, stiff guests!

Helps Limit Your Liability

When guests are given free rein to mix their own cocktails, they tend to pour generously, too generously in most cases. As the host, know that overserving alcohol is a huge liability. Not only could guests injure themselves at your event, but when they leave your party, they could injure other people too. If a guest leaves your event while intoxicated and causes damage to people or property, you could be held partially liable. To avoid the legal ramifications of such a situation, hiring a mobile bartender is key. Not only do mobile bartenders carry adequate liquor liability insurance, but they are also well-trained to recognize when guests have had enough to drink. If a guest appears to have had too much, your bartender can and should refuse to serve that person. You can then call in a designated driver or ride service to take that guest safely home. To make sure all of your guests feel included, Auto Justice Attorney suggests that mobile bartenders offer non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers and any guests under 21.

Gives You Time to Enjoy Yourself

The whole reason you’re throwing an event is to spend time with your guests, right? If serving drinks and cleaning up become your priority during your party, chances are you won’t enjoy yourself as much as you should. Hiring a mobile bartender allows you to take a step back from managing all the details, giving you more time with your friends and loved ones. Your guests will appreciate that you’re able to be present, and you’ll feel like a better host if you’re actively engaged.

If you’re considering serving alcohol at an event, hiring a mobile bartender should definitely be a consideration. Not only will your guests enjoy the addition of expertly crafted cocktails, but you’ll enjoy the freedom to actually enjoy the party! When you consider the benefits of a mobile bartender over having a pour-it-yourself bar, you’ll quickly realize a trained, responsible, and professional bartender is the only way to go.

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